Pug care involves several important factors:

  • Pug Health

  • Pug Nutrition

  • Pug Lifestyle

  • Pug Ownership

Pug Health

Good pug health would include good pug care, a happy pug, properly fed, proper weight, good environment, proper exercise and of course lots of love.
Without all of these the pug can become ill, develop health problems. Let us address these pug health problems.

The health problems can be a worrisome issue for pug owners. Common health problems are eye problems, itch/allergy, problems with the anal sacs, to name some.

Amongst pug health problems, there are several that involve the pug's eye. If your pug rubs its eyes, that's one indication of a serious matter. If left neglected, many pugs go blind, or at best, near-blind from this condition. See your veterinarian right away for any pug health issues.

If you pug itches, it could mean several things, including issues like fleas and allergies. One must rid the pug and its environment of fleas. There are many treatments for this. For instant relief bathe your pug with cool water and soap and then use a flea comb to catch fleas. For the long haul treat your pug with a flea deterrent, find information on the different and safe ones and consult your vet on this pug health problem.

Itching from pug food allergies is a common pug health problem. Diet has a lot to do with allergies. Many commercial pet food formulas, as well as treats, are full of allergenic ingredients. Your pug needs to eat a clean, natural, healthy formula so it can eat to strengthen their immune system. We recommend our California Gold Small Dog Food as the best dog food for pugs. Created by pug owners for pugs, California Gold Small Dog Food has been the favorite food for pug fans all over the country for over 25 years. Many pug owners have fed their pug since they were puppies; many have stated relief of allergies, other pug health issues and many of their pugs have lived longer than expected healthy lives. You can read more about it and get free shipping pug food samples here. This food results in soft and shiny coats, increased energy, and from our experience, increased pug life expectancy.

A nice condensed book of common pug conditions and pug care , "Pug Health Care Manual" is helpful to pug owners.

Our 72-page Manual is full of essential, hard-to-find information on pug health problems, including pug eye problems, pug itch/allergy and other pug health issues! PUGS ARE SPECIAL and we will pass on much of the important health problems and knowledge we have accumulated from years of rescuing, fostering, and placing over 130 pugs in California. Even people who have had pugs for years will learn a LOT about pug health issues.

The Pug Health Care Manual, Vol. 1 is a no-nonsense, tell it like it is Pug Owner's Manual addressing essential health problems, aspects of proper care, maintenance, and pug life span--amongst other pug health issues. It is to the point with no filler or fluff. It is not filled up with generalized information found in most dog-care books. It is also not a primer on pugs from A-Z or it would be 300 pages and cost a lot more! No, the cost of this Manual is less than a typicall vet visit, but you will probably learn much more about pugs with our highly specialized information on the following pug health problems (usually overlooked in general dog health books) :

1. Does Your Pug Itch? What to do about it for instant relief, and what to do for the long haul. Diet has a lot to do with it--find out what foods most pugs are allergic to, and what they can eat to strengthen their immune system, resulting in soft and shiny coats, increased energy, and from our experience, increased longevity.

2. Why Do Pugs Rub Their Eyes? This is the most common pug care problem reported. If left neglected, many pugs go blind, or at best, near-blind from this condition. It doesn't need to happen to yours. Includes a Do-It-Yourself Test for the most common eye disease that many vets overlook. (Note: pugs who lick their feet are almost ALWAYS also rubbing their eyes - watch them carefully. This eye info is a MUST!)

3. What Does it Mean if I Find a Lump on My Pug? First it has to be determined if it's malignant. Second, if so, what are your options? Is cancer necessarily a death-sentence? Includes alternative treatment options that work, too.

4. "My Pug is Impossible to Housebreak!" Never say never! Not when we've got "Guerilla Housebreaking Tactics!" for the hard-to-train pug of any age!

5. Anal sac problems discussed. This is one of the most talked about pug care problems.

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Pug Nutrition

There's no question that one of the more important issues regarding pug care is their nutrition. With so many commercial dog foods on the market--most of them terrible nutrion--and so much information available, we have prepared a Pug FAQ to address many issues.

What are the Benefits of California Gold Pug Food?

How do I Switch Over to your Pug Food?

Is it for All breeds & Any Size dog?

Why is Pet Food Recalled?

Do you have a formula to help with Pug Food Allergies and a Grain-Free Formula?

Can I Control My Pug's Weight with this food?

What is processed and what is Real Food?

Is this a Complete and Balanced Diet?

Is this an All-Natural pug food?


  • Real Food (Whole food), not artificial or processed

  • Raw, not cooked (except when cooking rice formula), therefore preserving nutrients

  • Weight Control--feeding portions according to dog size chart included on each label

  • HIgh Quality Control: each bag of food prepared and filled individually and manually

  • Controlling Contamination: no processing and shipping of meat products

  • Vitamin and Mineral Potency: supplied separately, not cooked or processed

  • Time Tested: 29 years on the market feeding pugs and other small breeds


Many pug owners, while observing healthy pug care, are hesitant to switch for undestandable reasons. The pet's stomach and other systems are used to one thing for years. Then a new thing comes along and it is not used to it--not prepared. We need to make the transition smooth--to prepare.
One transition method is to bring the new pug food a little at a time, perhaps mixing it in with the olderfood. Some pug owners just want to get rid of the older one and let their pug sniff and wander off several times refusing the food until they are hungry and eat the new pug food.

Almost all of the pugs turned on to California Gold love it and will eat it right away. Particularly if you follow these directions:

Start them out on cooked chicken as raw meat is more pungent and may take getting used to. If you have a crockpot, throw a chicken in with a cracked garlic clove and a little water. When done, use a little of the broth to pour on the cooked or non-cooked food, and mix in boneless pieces of the chicken. Never give cooked bones to your pug! There are very few dogs who will turn down this meal! Gradually you can introduce small tidbits of raw ground turkey or cooked chicken into the food, and eventually you will not need to add chicken broth to the cooked or non-cooked food—just plain water (purified, distilled, or reverse-osmosis is an absolute must).

Since many pugs like warm meals, picky eaters will prefer our "Cook/Rice" formula. The warm rice and soft vegetables with the addition of freshly cooked chicken or turkey (or raw) can hardly be turned down!

Easiest meat to use is ground turkey. You can find 5lb tubs or rolls in the frozen meat department of your store. Cook up a batch and freeze what you don't use right away, keeping a 4-5 day supply in the refrigerator and use as needed.

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California Gold is healthy dog food for any size and breed. The food was initially labeled "Small Dog Pet Food" because the owners are pug owned and it was first sold at Pugzoo.com (our parent company). However many of our customers at that time were feeding it to their other dogs--medium, large, of other breeds with the same success of health.


What we know is that pet food is recalled because it was contaminated, usually by an organism in the food that can cause illness in the pet--such as salmonella. Salmonella is usually associated with animal products such as eggs, egg products, meat, meat products, etc.
In order to observe proper pug care, this is the main reason why we don't have meat or meat products in our food. California Gold does not contain any animal product. We believe in supplying you with the cleanest product from the beginning. You can then be the supervisor of introducing the best, healthiest specific selection of meat or animal product into the food for your pug should you desire to introduce these. List of FDA recalled veterinary and animal products (including dog food) recalls.

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Many dogs have allergies or allergic reactions caused by products such as wheat glutten. soy and soy products and corn by-products. California Gold does not contain any wheat or wheat by products, no soy or soy-products, and no corn or corn by-products. California Gold ingredients are oats (or brown rice), vegetables and the packets of protein, vitamins and minerals—nothing else! All are human-grade.

There a very large number of dogs that itch constantly. Many of these cases are not a cause of the food they eat. Many of these cases are due to a low tolerance of environmental factors and many are due to hereditary factors including over breeding and passing on health issues genetically from one generation to the next and on and on. From the many dogs I have owned, rescued and those pet owners who I have talked to, I have seen that, in these severe allergy cases, no matter what you do, the itch continues. In this case you would have to spend a large amount of money in allergy testing and it usually doesn't show one main culprit. I have yet to see research on anything that alleviates this in a natural way, except for a result that a customer of mine with dogs that itched a lot. She gave them cod liver oil. Other than this case, unfortunately anti-histamines and steroids would make life a little easier, but then you are introducing more chemicals and both of these aids are not to be used in a prolonged way and steroids can cause serious issues. Consult your veterinarian or health professional for proper pug care.

There is a popularity amongst dog owners with "grain-free" pet food. Some believe that grains in the dog food are the cause of their allergies. This is seldom the true case, grain allergy is very rare. However if you wish to feed your dog a grain-free pet food we do have a formula for you.

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Is your pug overweight? If so, an overweight pug can and will have more health problems and possibly a lesser quality and length of life, this is not good pug care.

With pug food by California Small Dog Pet Food, an added plus is overweight pets can lose weight easily and painlessly on this food, underweight pets can easily get back to normal weight, and normal weight pets can easily maintain their proper weight, just by varying their portions.

Each bag's label comes with a portion chart that covers different sizes of dog and amount of portions to feed according to weight. This way you cannot overfeed your dog--your dog will lose weight if it is heavy. For puppies and underweight dogs, you can increase the portion.

You have complete control of your dog’s weight with this diet--this is truly healthy pet food for the right pug care.

Please note: it is important to not only follow these guidelines, but to also refrain from adding other foods, table scraps, etc. A very minimal amount of healthy treats is okay if your dog is used to that--please read the ingredients before you buy them some treats that we recommend are small pieces of apples, carrots, or healthy and lean cookie type treats.

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Most pet foods on the market manufacture in very large quantities and therefore need to process the food to make it economically feasible.

One part of the processing can involve cooking, heating, radiation and more, so that the food can stay longer on the shelves of stores. This is dead food with litte or no nutritional value.

In an attempt to further the shelf life, many manufacturers add preservatives--most of them being very unhealthy like BHT and others.

Now we need to add color to the dead food to make it appealing. Most colorants are extremely carcinogenic such as the "red, blue, green dies with a number attached to it.

Since the dead food has no nutritional value, we need to add vitamins and minerals to it.
If we add the vitamins and minerals and then process the food, we will kill or contaminate them. In addition some vitamins and minerals may come from questionable sources. Sitting in a warehouse for weeks or months and then in a store for longer can reduce or eliminate any of the vitamin and minerals potency.

Since the processed/dead food can be tasteless or bad tasting, ingredients such as animal parts and such, artificial flavors (more chemicals) are added.

Real food is whole food--unprocessed and/or unaltered to a large degree. Very simply put, we can use the example, in humans, of eating Cheerios or Corn Flakes for breakfast (processed or junk food) or eating a bowl of rolled oats, a slice of whole grain bread, with honey or nut butter and a banana or apple--real/whole food. Big, big difference!

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Many pet food labels indicate that the food is a "complete and balanced diet". This is almost impossible to achieve since each breed and each dog will require something different. Is there a complete and balanced diet for humans? The football player, the swimmer, the farmer and the computer tech all eat and require vastly different diets. The canine is no different. One has to tailor-fit the food to each individual dog. Marketing and sales tactics are not always in the best interest of the dog's health and can be very misleading and/or false.


The term "all-natural" became very popular a while back and is still used today, but the food cannot be "all-natural" if it is processed, altered. In addition if some of it is indeed whole, but some of it is not, then that label can be misleading and/or false. All-natural should mean Whole, just like an oat is all-natural but an oatmeal cookie, or an oatmeal flavored cookie is not "all-natural".

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Pug Lifestyle

It is extremely important that you fit the pug's lifestyle to yours--not the other way around. For example if one is used to camping out and hiking, the pug is not for you. Pugs have a small/compromised respiratory system that cannot handle long hikes or excessive heat or excessive cold.
Pugs like to be with their owners most of the time, being left alone, uncared for or without another doggie companion is not for the pug. They like indoors, an apartment dweller that can take the pug to a park is a great match; so is a home owner with a yard that wants to bring in the pug after a while. It would be preferable if the pug's animal companion is another pug or another small breed dog.
Play--a good amount is necessary, as well as some daily exercise like a walk or short run. Proper pug care is matching its lifestyle to yours.


Pug Ownership

Owning a pug is a responsibility. This breed is not a yard dog, nor a watch dog--although a pug will bark and protect you. Pug ownership is a lifetime commitment of love, companionship, proper feeding with the proper lifestyle. Before adopting or rescuing a pug talking to some other pug owners and ask them how they live together to see if this is the right fit for you. Every breed has its own proper lifestyle and therefore matching owner. Proper pug care is essential.


healthy pug food

Created by pug owners-- former co-founders of San Diego Pug Rescue and the Pug Rescue Parties,--for pugs, California Gold Small Dog Food has been the favorite food for pugfans all over the country for over 29 years.

California Gold is
1) All-natural Real Food
2) No chemicals
3) No Soy*, Wheat, Sugar, Dairy
4) No Gluten
5) FREE Vitamin & Mineral pack included 

* except in Protein-Complete Formulas


Fact: Healthy pug food eliminates many health problems.




Fact: Our food is perfect for pugs who are overweight!

 overweight pug
healthy pug
Mogwa before California Gold Pet Food Mogwa during California Gold Pet Food

The best dog food for senior pugs is California Gold Pet Food!

Our pug information includes:
pug health issues
pug care
pug facts
pug life expectancy
pug rescue
the best dog food for pugs
pug weight
overweight pug
pug eye problems
pug diet
how long do pugs live?

pug rescue food

More on the best dog food for small dogs with allergies

The Best Dog Food for Pugs Available.

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