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California Gold, Best Dog Food For Pugs



The best dog food for pugs is California Gold Small Dog Pet Food--whole, real food, preservative & gluten-free.

This is truly the best all-natural, REAL FOOD diet for pugs. Made with REAL human-grade food and no fillers, preservatives or chemicals that can harm your beloved pugs, it gives them the healthy natural nutrition their bodies need to thrive and have beautiful, soft-as-silk coats.

Why is this the best dog food for pugs?
It was developed by pug owners who by rescuing several hundred pugs got to know the breed very well and wanted the absolute best food for them.

Why feed your pug the best dog food for pugs?
If your pug is a member of your family, wouldn't you want it to live the healthiest, longest life with you?

Has the best dog food for pugs ever been recalled?
No; it hasn't and will not. Most dog food is recalled because their dairy and meat products get contaminated and the companies are mass producing. California Gold does not contain dairy or meat products and is a small, caring and health-minded company.

Is the best dog food for pugs good for overweight pugs?
Yes. Pug who overweight but otherwise healthy will shed the pounds effortlessly. In addition, the label on each bag gives exact portions for the specific dog weight.

Is the best dog food for pugs good for pugs with food allergies?
California Gold contains no wheat, corn, soy or dairy that often can cause itching and coat problems. In addition, we have our Grain-Free Formula for those pugs with grain allergies.


Each bag also contains a packet of essential vitamins & minerals.



This is a REAL FOOD diet made of human quality ingredients!
Not only do your pugs thrive on it because they are eating REAL FOOD, they are not eating gross ingredients and chemicals that may come in commercial pet food diets such as dead dog and cat bodies (you read that right), diseased portions of beef and other animals, laboratory remains, old grocery store meat complete with plastic wrappers, and slime off the processing plant's floor. (Those ingredients are all legal, by the way.)

We believe there is NO PET FOOD ON THE MARKET THAT IS HEALTHIER THAN REAL, NOURISHING FOOD! We've just been brainwashed to think otherwise by the commercial pet food industry! It's just common sense!

Why are more pets dying of cancer at an earlier age? Folks, we are going to pay for the "convenience" of pouring some kibble in a bowl once or twice a day and calling that a meal for your pet. It will come in vet bills somewhere down the line, and/or shortened longevity in the pets we love. This doesn't have to happen to your pug! The pug's life expectancy is 12-15.

California Gold - Small Dog Pet Food is a healthy and great way to feed your pug the best dog food--real food that you can see (all human-quality), and gives your pug something to look forward to. Many of our customers call to report their pugs are so excited at meal-time that they now dance for their food!



NO-COOK FORMULA: organic rolled oats, red & green bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, parsley, garlic, zinc, selenium, kelp, Vit. A, Vit. E, Vit B6 and B12, Vit D-3, folic acid and more. You add the meat of your choice. (We use chicken and also buy the tubes of frozen ground turkey or lamb--very economical, for our own pugs. We do not recommend beef.)

A highly nutritious, fresh (veggies are dehydrated to lock in the nutrients & preserve naturally) healthy diet that pugs absolutely love when you mix with meat!

Unquestionably the best dog food for pugs on the market! Has no bulk fillers that make your pug fat! Easy, nutritious, and all-natural! No chemical preservatives to weigh down your pug's immune system. Watch your pug look better, feel better, and have more energy as the body is nourished, finally, with REAL FOOD!

This food will take excess weight off of most pugs easily, without them feeling the least bit deprived, provided you don't give them fattening food on the side. No diet can overcome cookies and ice cream!

There is no such thing as "people food."
Food is food, period.
All living things need
real food!

CALIFORNIA GOLD - Small Dog Pet Food
is appropriate for

all dogs
and all ages!

It's just real food—
that's all!


Note: Because California Gold contains no preservatives and food can spoil without proper storage, we have a no-return, no-refund, no-replacement policy.


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