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The Best Pug Gifts Store! Home of the Healthiest Pug Food
Shop for adorable merchandise and try our California Gold Small Dog Food the best pug food available.

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    Cranberry Relief
    Digestive Enzymes
    Senior Tonic
    Tinkle Tonic
    Tranquillity Tonic

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    Pug Health Care Manual
    Randi & Bandit Novel

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     Care Without Mortgaging
     the Kids 

All items on our sister site
Stuffed Animal Outlet
reduced to
50% off!
Many as low as $5.00
Make perfect Gifts!

stuffed animal puppies

Stuffed chihuahuas, dachshunds, pomeranians, holiday gifts and accessories,

From Basset Hound to Yorkies, 30+ breeds

Plus other animals like birds, horses, rabbits, squirrels, owls, hamsters, unicorns and more!



Halloween pug couple

Halloween Stuffed Pug

Collector's Plush

Not made anymore

A Beautiful Stuffed Animal Makes The Best Gift!

Pug Health Care Manual

pug health care manual

72 pages of essential,
hard-to-find pug health information!

ON SALE $12 off!!


Pug Novel!

Randi & Bandit

pug book
The tale of a homeless woman and her pug.
89 pages with photos!

$5 off!!
ON SALE! only $9.95

Light Switch Plates

$1.00 OFF


California Gold Pet Food

Free samples for new customers


$2.00 OFF!

pug t shirt


5 More Gift Ideas:

1. Give a warm & cuddly fully washable doggie nest bed for any dog breed to a friend or relative.

2. Give a shiny, soft, plush and realistic looking stuffed animal--30+ breeds & all sorts of other beautiful animals on sale, to a friend or relative.

3. Give a gift of healthy pet food to a friend or relative. Our California Gold is perfect for any small to medium size breed of dog. Two formulas and 3 different sizes!

4. Give a gift of reading: a pug novel, an all-breed veterinary money-saving book and a pug health-care manual are all on sale!

Gift Wrapped with Card at No Xtra Charge! Just let us know in the notes at the shop cart to wrap and how to address the card.


Pug Night Light

pug night light

Snuggly Warm Pug Socks

pug socks

"Nutcracker" Pug Ornament

Pug "Nutcracker" Ornament


Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes

Great for dogs (and cats!) with delicate stomachs, seniors, dogs who do not digest their food well, and those prone to gas


NEW!!! Cranberry Relief

Cranberry supplement

Veterinarian formulated and recommended to help support and maintain a healthy urinary tract and immune system

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