best dog food for pugs

California Gold, Best Dog Food For Pugs



The best dog food for pugs is California Gold Small Dog Pet Food--whole, real food, preservative & gluten-free.

This dog food for pugs is truly the best all-natural, REAL FOOD diet for pugs. Made with REAL human-grade food and no fillers, preservatives or chemicals that can harm your beloved pugs, it gives them the healthy natural nutrition their bodies need to thrive and have beautiful, soft-as-silk coats.

Why is this the best dog food for pugs?
It was developed by pug owners who by rescuing several hundred pugs got to know the breed very well and wanted the absolute best food for them.

Why feed your pug the best dog food for pugs?
If your pug is a member of your family, wouldn't you want it to live the healthiest, longest life with you?

Has the best dog food for pugs ever been recalled?
No; it hasn't and will not. Most dog food is recalled because their dairy and meat products get contaminated and the companies are mass producing. California Gold does not contain dairy or meat products and is a small, caring and health-minded company.

Is the best dog food for pugs good for overweight pugs?
Yes. Pug who overweight but otherwise healthy will shed the pounds effortlessly. In addition, the label on each bag gives exact portions for the specific dog weight.

Is the best dog food for pugs good for pugs with food allergies?
California Gold contains no wheat, corn, soy or dairy that often can cause itching and coat problems. In addition, we have our Grain-Free Formula for those pugs with grain allergies.